Our Strawberry Varieties

There are a multitude of strawberry varietals, and a great deal of research has gone into breeding a better strawberry. At Stevens Strawberies, we've chosen three varieties to maximize our local growing season and conditions. If this is of interest to you, you'll find more detailed information at strawberryplants.org

A soft, very sweet berry that produces from mid-July to early August. Kent berries are classed as a "short day variety" (commonly referred to as June-bearing, but here in central Alberta they ripen in July).

A large, sweet berry. Slightly firmer then Kent, Cavendish produces from mid-July to early August. Classed as "short day variety".

New for 2018 we have a trial plot of Malwinas. A large, dark red, flavorful berry. produces in August, classed as "short day variety".

A large, firm, sweet berry that produces from mid-August until a hard frost, usually late September. Seascape berries belong to the "day neutral" family.